Whiddy Ferry

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Truly an island paradise – Whiddy is a small haven of peace and tranquillity.

A small island, approximately 3 miles long x 1.5 miles wide & nestling in the sheltered heart of Bantry Bay, off the coast of West Cork, Ireland. Its inhabitants, mostly devoted to fishing and farming, are warm natured people who welcome both day-trippers and holiday makers alike. Getting to Whiddy could not be easier with the Ocean Star ferry boat.

Whiddy from above Bantry

Visitors here can be assured of a restful and enjoyable stay, enjoying stunning views amidst green and pleasant surroundings.

Sheltered by the beautiful mountains of the Beara peninsula to the north and the Sheep’s head peninsula to the south, Whiddy’s unique location and unparalleled scenery make it an ideal spot for the discerning visitor. Being just offshore from Bantry town, access is easy, and the ferry crossing only a matter of minutes.

Whiddy island from Bantry harbour

Whiddy has much to offer the visitor, the nature of the island means it is popular with artists and painters.

Quiet walks can be taken both by road and pasture, and along it’s plentiful shores. The shoreline has much to offer, with an abundance of rock pools and breathtaking scenery.

Bicycles are also available for hire to visitors.

Fishing is also enjoyed here. There are two lakes on the island, close to one another but both very different. One (freshwater) lake is the main source of the island’s water supply, has resident swans and other water birds as well as being a good place for anglers. The other is a tidal salt water lake, offering diversity for wildlife/bird enthusiasts.

There is an abundance of historical sites & ruins to be seen also, and of course all are welcome at Bank House bar & restaurant situated just by the pier.